Why Quartz Countertops?

  • By Lindsay Roundtree
  • 21 Jun, 2016

Quartz is a great option for your new kitchen or bathroom

Why Quartz Countertops

Countertops are all the rage right now. With more and more materials being made available to construct new countertops, customers are jumping on the latest and greatest minerals, laminate, and rocks to be added to their home. One awesome material that can transform an entire kitchen or bathroom is quartz. Quartz countertops are superior to other materials for many reasons, but the main one is the beauty that they hold and their ability to makeover an entire room effortlessly.


Durability is a huge factor when it comes to countertops. What’s worse than installing beautiful new countertops just to accidently set a hot pan down and scorch them? Or forgetting a cutting board and etching marks into your new surface? The answer: nothing. Quartz countertops are extremely durable, withstanding high heat and sharp objects. In fact, it is one of the most durable materials on the market right now. While you don’t want to make a habit of placing a hot pot or cutting on the surface of your quartz countertops, it isn’t an instant death sentence for your countertops like it is with other materials.


Selection is another important part of countertops. Quartz is manufactured, so the ability to create new colors, patterns, and the illusion of mineral traces within the countertops is nearly endless. When you choose quartz for your material, you won’t have a hard time finding a color or pattern to match your new bathroom or kitchen design perfectly. Quartz offers an outstanding combination of durability, versatility, and is a perfect match for whatever your kitchen or bathroom looks like. If you’re interested in upgrading to these cabinets, do some background research to help convince yourself that these truly are the ideal cabinets for you and then give your local kitchen design store a call to set up a consultation and get these beautiful countertops installed.

KBD of Iowa City

By Dotcom Design 05 Sep, 2017

How Does Quartz Hold Up to Family Life?

Most people are pleasantly surprised at the durability and versatility of quartz countertops. Quartz countertops  are considered engineered stone, and as such, are non-porous. Bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide, so cleaning is easy. It also means water stains on bathroom countertops are a thing of the past.

Is Maintenance Required?

Kids put all of a bathroom's surfaces to the test as they grow up. Why should you invest in a product that requires additional maintenance to retain its durability? As long as you wipe quartz down with a mild cleanser and water, you are good to go. The durability of quartz countertops in Iowa City  rivals that of granite, marble, and concrete, but no additional sealing or polishing is necessary.

Help, the Kids Were Racing Cars on the Counter!

When you retired the step-stool, you thought your worries were over. Next thing you know, cars zoom by, crashing dangerously close to the toilet. Luckily, quartz countertops  resist scratches, chips, and cracks.

Am I Limited to Natural Stone Colors?

No. A variety of colors can be added in a wide array of patterns during the manufacturing process. Of course, part of the appeal of quartz is that it can be made to look like granite, marble, and other natural stone. If purple or blue countertops are a dream, quartz countertops can make that dream come true.  

KBD of Iowa City  invites you to visit our showroom  to check out the available quartz countertops in Iowa City .

By Dotcom Design 02 Aug, 2017

Decades ago kitchens used formica countertops to provide the fashion and usefulness of the day. Today we have better choices including Quartz countertops . These combine beauty, eco-friendly materials, and ease of care to provide long lasting countertops for home or office. Quartz countertops  in particular are a newer and more cost effective design for home owners who are remodeling. In the manufacture of this kind of stone material, quartz crystals are embedded into a resin bonding surface to create a countertop that gleams and sparkles. The variety of colors and styles are more than can be covered in one short article. It's a good idea to visit our KBD show room and see what quartz looks like. Whether you prefer natural looking waves and streaks of color through your countertop or spots and accents, our design experts can help you make the choices for your design projects.

Why do people choose quartz countertops?

  • natural beauty in an eco-friendly material
  • ease of cleaning with water and liquid soap
  • cost effective compared to other materials
  • long lasting as an investment in remodeling

For Quartz countertops in Iowa City  KBD is proud to provide the finest quality materials backed with professional design experience. We can show you our supplies, help you choose materials and finalize designs, and show you how simple it is to take care of your new countertop. If eco-friendly, beautiful, manufactured quartz countertops in Iowa City  are what you're in the market for, contact us at KBD online, visit, or give us a call at (319) 359-7941.

By Dotcom Design 07 Jul, 2017

When putting a home on the market remember the selling power of a beautiful bathroom. Bathroom cabinets  can make a bathroom look tired and shoddy or sleek and appealing. If your bathroom cabinets look like they're on their last hinges, you have some questions to ask yourself. Do you want to reface the cabinets yourself? Or do you want to let the experienced professionals do the makeover your bathroom needs? For bathroom cabinets in Iowa City  contact the people who can make the difference: KBD of Iowa City. How do you decide whether to do the work yourself or to have our professionals install beautiful new cabinets for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  1. How much time have you got on your hands? If you're moving, or working full time and juggling work and family, then let the pros do the work.
  2. How much do you know about cabinetry, wood work, and installation? The final results may not make the impression you hoped it would.
  3. How much value do you want to place on your house? A sleek bathroom, especially the master bath, goes a long way towards making that sale for you. Let us help you update your home.

For bathroom cabinets  and professional installation, contact us today. We will be happy to discuss design, style, and installation with you. You can use the free online estimate form on our website. For help with your bathroom cabinets in Iowa City  look us up.

By Dotcom Design 01 Jun, 2017

Are your wooden   bathroom cabinets   seriously affected by water stains? You aren't alone in this problem, as many wooden cabinets end up getting seriously stained over the years. If you have wooden   bathroom cabinets in Iowa City   with water stains, follow this process to repair them. This process is easy enough for most homeowners to do on their own and will save them a lot of money in complete bathroom cabinet replacement:

  • Sand the area affected by the stains using light-grit sandpaper
  • Carefully focus your sanding on the stain and remove the layers of wood until the stain is gone
  • After the stain has disappeared, wipe a little wood bleach on the formerly stained area to clean it fully
  • Add a little wood finish to a brush and apply it evenly across the surface of the former stain
  • Wait for the stain to dry before adding another coat, if needed
  • Sand the area with 220 grit sandpaper to make it even with the rest of the cabinets
  • Repaint the area using the original paint to match the color of the old stain with the rest of the   bathroom cabinets

So if you have wooden   bathroom cabinets in Iowa City , make sure to take the time to perform this simple process. It should take no more than 10-15 minutes from the first application of your sandpaper until the last gentle sanding is finally done. However, if your water stains return or fail to disappear, it is important to contact a cabinet repair specialist right away to get the gorgeous cabinets you deserve.

By Dotcom Design 12 May, 2017

When you construct a new house or want to remodel your kitchen, your choice of kitchen cabinets will go a long way to enhance the appearance and improve the functionality of the kitchen. We have a wide variety of cabinets that are designed to meet your needs and help you express your style. We also guide you on how to choose the most suitable cabinets for your space.

Are the cabinets standard or made to measure?

We understand that different clients have varied needs and will require different kitchen cabinets . That is why our products include both standard and made to measure cabinets. Whichever cabinets you choose for your kitchen, you can be sure of quality, beautiful and durable cabinets.

Do you offer design services?

Yes. We offer designer services for those who have not made a decision on the type of cabinets that will fit their space. In case you need more ideas before installing cabinets, our designers will be happy to be of help.

Are the cabinets easy to assemble and install?

All our cabinets are easy to assemble and install. We strive to make it easy and fast to have your cabinets installed. This enables you to start enjoying the advantages of the cabinets within a short time.

Do you provide a warranty for your products?

Since we supply quality kitchen cabinets in Iowa City , we stand by the quality of our work. You will get a warranty every time you buy our products.

We want to be the company you turn to whenever you are looking for kitchen cabinets in Iowa City . This is why we strive to provide quality products that will guarantee customer satisfaction. Kindly visit our showroom to see the various products we have in stock.

By Dotcom Design 03 Apr, 2017

Going green means using products that come straight from nature, right? Stone is one of those things that is found in abundance in nature. Granite counter-tops are beneficial for many reasons. Let's take a look at why it is worth looking into granite counter-tops in Iowa City .

Durabilityis a positive attribute of rock. If stone can last during blazing, hot summer days and long, frozen winter nights, pots, pans, and cutlery are no match for granite  counter-tops. With proper sealing, stains are a thing of the past.

Choosing granite is environmentally friendly. Synthetic materials use quite a bit of energy during production and leave behind a fair amount of waste. Granite is sourced from the earth, so other than cutting it to size and sealing it before delivery, energy usage and waste output is reduced drastically. As a bonus, granite insulates naturally.

Stay healthierwith natural stone counter-tops. Avoid the inhalation of air-borne chemicals and synthetic materials by trusting a chemical-free natural product like granite counter-tops . Pay attention to the types of materials you are adding to your home to prevent certain sicknesses in the future.

Spend wiselyby choosing granite counter-tops in Iowa City . When you take into account the longevity of the product, and the positive side of limiting chemical exposure in your home, spending a bit more upfront will save you in the long-run.

By Dotcom Design 20 Feb, 2017

The industrial revolution brought with it mass produced furniture that eventually had people yearning for more. At the end of the 19th century, the Arts and Crafts movement was born to bring back the unique quality of individual craftsmanship.

What characterizes Craftsman-style design?

Dark wood, light wood, and thick sturdy solid woods are central to Craftsman-style. Woodworking is intricate and expertly crafted from hard woods that stand the test of time. For this reason, custom kitchen cabinets honor the quality expected in Arts and Crafts style.

How do I pull together my Arts and Crafts kitchen design?

Earth tones and neutrals used on the walls or in countertops and back splashes coordinate well with the classic feel of the Arts and Crafts movement. Depending on the wood tones you choose for your custom kitchen cabinets in Iowa City , creamy whites and soft browns work well with Craftsman-style. To add a bit of color, go for light greens and rust colors.

Which surfaces will make my custom kitchen cabinets stand out?

Since wood is a predominate feature of Craftsman-style, slate and soapstone works well as flooring or countertop choices. Artisanal tile is another staple in many Arts and Crafts kitchens. KBD of Iowa City has an extensive showroom and an expert design team that can help you honor the spirit of the Arts and Crafts movement with custom kitchen cabinets in Iowa City .

By Dotcom Design 03 Jan, 2017

Styles and colors come and go, so you may as well choose a design that makes you happy. Does your dream include open, airy cabinets that magically possess the ability to hide kitchen clutter? It's easier than you think if you're willing to mix it up with custom kitchen cabinets . When you think outside the box, you don't have to follow old-school rules.

Door Styles

Choosing where each door style will look best and still be functional is important. Chances are, placing glass panels in lower cabinets is risky. You may consider using one style door with glass panels for select upper cabinets and a complementary style with solid wood panels for the lower cabinets. This way you have the best of both worlds. Another clever way to mix things up is to choose an alternate door style for your kitchen island that plays off the style of the main cabinets. The trim should be just different enough to notice without looking like a hot mess.    


The white kitchen has been trending for some time, and although many people like how clean it feels, they want to add a bit of pizzazz to their kitchen design. They are seeing the mix of finishes as an answer to the sterility of all-white cabinets. White or light gray upper cabinets are popular choices to make the kitchen feel open and clean. Consider pairing them with black or navy lower cabinets to create a modern look. Another option is to go with lighter colored cabinets like white, gray, or cream colored and then choose a dark stain for the island cabinets. Be careful mixing wood stains. It's much trickier to find a balance in contrasting stains and one may wash the other out if you're not careful.

If you're searching for custom kitchen cabinets in Iowa City , KBD can help mix it up to create the kitchen of your dreams.

By Dotcom Design 17 Nov, 2016

Over the years many styles have come and gone in regards to interior design, housing styles, and especially countertops. However, one timeless style that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon is granite countertops . Whether you are using them for your kitchen, vanity or even installing granite countertops for bathrooms , granite is a great material to invest your money into. Here are a few reasons homeowners often choose this material for their home.

1.    Investment strategy

Remodeling a kitchen or bathroom can be a great strategy for investing in your home, increasing the resale value, or providing a key selling point. In fact, it is estimated that many people recoup around 100% of their investment when remodeling their kitchen or bathroom, especially when they use granite countertops for bathrooms .

2.    Exceptional Durability

Granite is an extremely hard, and extremely durable, surface. It can withstand high levels of heat as well as sharp objects that may accidently come into contact with it. The ability to be able to withstand these elements makes granite countertops for bathrooms and kitchens an extremely ideal material.

3.    Timeless Beauty

Granite has stuck around as being one of the mots ideal surfaces in countertop materials for many years. Granite countertops don’t go out of style and stay beautiful no matter what style your home may take on. Beauty and design are a big reason that many people choose granite countertops for bathrooms .


No matter what your reason is for choosing granite countertops , it is a great surface to place in any room. If you are looking at installing granite countertops for bathrooms or in your kitchen, KBD of Iowa City can help. Give us a call or stop by to see our huge selection of granite.

By Lindsay Roundtree 17 Nov, 2016

Keeping your kitchen clean and sanitary is extremely important. Between daily interactions with cabinets, as well as preparing food (including raw meat) around kitchen cabinets, ensuring they are sanitary is important. However, many kitchen cabinets services in Iowa City will tell you to be careful about how you clean your kitchen cabinets, and to be vigilant about the products that are used on the surfaces. Here is a quick rundown on the best ways to clean your kitchen cabinets .  

1.    Dust them first

To properly clean your kitchen cabinets , dust them first! You can do this by taking a microfiber rag, soft cloth, or a damp washrag and carefully wipe the dust off of the surface of the cabinets. Many kitchen cabinets services in Iowa City will tell you to be careful to not use any abrasive materials on your kitchen cabinets because they can be easily scratched. This is very true and it is important to only use soft materials on your kitchen cabinets.

2.    Use a proper cleaning agent

Do not use any wax based cleaning agents or polishing agents. Often times, dusting is all you need to do (with yearly polishing) to keep your cabinets looking in top condition. If you use wax based polishing products, you will end up with a large amount of residue and buildup that will be hard, if not impossible, to get off. For a list of proper cleaning supplies, contact a local kitchen cabinets services in Iowa City .

When it comes to cleaning your kitchen cabinets , it’s important to follow good routine and be aware of what you are using on the surfaces of your kitchen cabinets. At KBD of Iowa City, we have plenty of tips and advice for you on the best ways to clean your individual kitchen cabinets, as each one can vary depending on the style and material that you have in your kitchen. We are one of the leading kitchen cabinets services in Iowa City and can help you will all of your kitchen cabinet needs.

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