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You have your design plan in mind, you know exactly what style and detailing needs to be on your custom bathroom cabinets, but there is one more thing to decide on-what color will you choose? The answer to this question should fit around your design style and color scheme, but if your struggling to come up with an option, here are a few choices that work in a variety of settings. Consulting with your cabinet company is the best way to decide on your custom bathroom cabinets so make sure you talk with them about any hurdles you may be facing. 


Cherry wood is a great choice for custom bathroom cabinets. They add a beautiful warmth to the room with their reddish undertones and are perfect for a traditional style bathroom. If you are wanting a great mixture of beauty, elegance, and a cozy look to your bathroom then choosing cherry wood for your bathroom cabinets is a great choice. However, don’t be fooled into thinking the color of cherry wood is limited to just reds. This wood can actually range in colors from white to deep brown. It also adds some diversity with random markings and ties everything in with a uniform texture. 

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This place was amazing! I wish I had more bathrooms so I could buy more cabinets. The designer was great and he knew what would make my kitchen the design I was looking for! The cabinets were even done a few weeks early. A real pleasure to work with KBD of Iowa City.”
– Julia M.
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I enjoyed the entire process very much. My designer helped me individualize and get the most efficient kitchen possible in my space. The quality of the cabinets was excellent. Everything arrived in perfect shape. I couldn't be happier. Both my contractor and quartz installer commented on the quality of the cabinets!”
– Maria L.
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If you’re opting for a lighter colored cabinet, maple wood is a great choice for you. While they will sometimes come in a reddish-brown tone in the door, they are predominately white to off white in color, making for a beautiful, soft addition to your bathroom. The smooth appearance offered by maple wood make it an ideal material to create your custom bathroom cabinets with. 


Oak wood cabinets offer a ton of versatility in the finished product. With colors available in as basic as white to as warm as pink or reds, oak wood cabinets fit in great with nearly any bathroom style. Oak wood also has mineral deposits in it, which create beautiful streaks of green or yellow in the wood. Use it as a soft accent piece or something more dramatic, this is a perfect choice for your custom bathroom cabinets. 


This wood is great for adding a pop to your cabinets, as they have some pretty intensely contrasting elements to them. This is due to the sapwood as well as the heartwood elements in this wood type. With colors available as light as white or even a blonde wood, to warm and dark red-browns and browns, hickory wood makes for an ideal custom bathroom cabinet design. 


Another versatile option for custom bathroom cabinets is the variety of colors that come with pecan wood. If you need something light, pecan wood offers a great soft element that comes in white or blonde and can become as intense and dramatic as red-browns and deep browns as well. This is a great choice that will fit plenty of bathroom styles, so check and see if your custom cabinet design company has this wood in stock for your new custom bathroom cabinets. 

Do you already have the wood you want to use picked out for your custom bathroom cabinets or are you still on the fence? The cabinets you choose to design for your new bathroom or bathroom remodel are very important and should be given thorough consideration prior to design-this means the wood to! If you aren’t entirely sure which wood is going to be best for you or which colors will go well in your bathroom, give KBD of Iowa City a visit and find out how they can help you create the custom bathroom cabinets of your dreams.
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