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The excitement and creativity that comes with picking out your set of custom kitchen cabinets to match your kitchen remodel, or new kitchen build, is second to none. There is something to be said for being able to hand select every fine detail that goes into one of the key accent pieces of your kitchen, making sure that your kitchen is 100% YOU. So, how do you know which custom kitchen cabinets you should go with? What details should you be focusing on? This all depends on the design style that you have chosen to go with. Below are a few of the more common design plans and the cabinet designs that go well with them. Think of it as a good starting point where you can branch off to create your own cabinets that fit your individual style. 


When you conjure up ideas of your new kitchen do you dream of pastel, candy colored appliances? Maybe you have your heart set on retro accents, checkered floor patterns, or diner style furniture? If so, you want to make sure your custom cabinets match this theme impeccably. 
If vintage is in your future, opt for bead board cabinets. The clean lines on the face of these custom kitchen cabinets will take your breath away when used in harmony with the other vintage accents in your kitchen. You can also pay close attention to the molding that looks great with this cabinet style. Keep in mind, if you’re going to be installing those gorgeous candy colored, vintage appliances you will likely want to choose a nice white cabinet to offset the dramatic elements that these appliances offer. 

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Unbelievable that it could go so smoothly! everything from deciding, measuring, figuring out trim pieces and shipment was made easy by the PEOPLE there to help. We started small with bathroom vanities and they arrived perfectly. Timing for our complicated schedule was first class and the product is outstanding. I cannot recommend enough!”
– Frank D.
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I was very happy with the service I received. They were courteous and patient even after I changed my mind at least ten times. I received the order in the time frame they promised and only one small defect was found. They expedited the replacement part within the week. I loved doing business with KBD of Iowa City!”
– Margaret L.
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KBD of Iowa City has done some stunning kitchen cabinet designs and projects. Take a quick peak at a handful of the projects we have recently completed.


The modern kitchen style is so versatile. Pops of color or neutral hues can blend in with this style effortlessly. What really makes the modern style is the clean lines, shapes, and sleek looks that come with the appliances, furniture, and accents of this style. If you are thinking up a nice, modern kitchen then you will want to keep sleek and shiny wood cabinets in mind, or consult with your cabinet company about other sleek materials that can be offered to match this style. You will definitely want to keep your color scheme in mind when you order these as well, as the cabinets are a huge focal piece of the modern kitchen. 


Are you dreaming in warm colors and timeless designs? Then a traditional custom kitchen cabinet is right up your alley. Arched cabinetry is a perfect fit for this design style, as is traditional cathedral style cabinets. A good custom kitchen cabinet company will have plenty of great starting point ideas for a traditional cabinet, so make sure you let them know that this style is what you have in mind at the very beginning of your consult. An experienced company will have plenty of knowledge in the traditional design style and will be able to meet your needs accordingly. 

Are any of these design styles going to be incorporated into you new kitchen or kitchen remodel? If so, make sure your cabinets match the design style of your choice perfectly. Give yourself plenty of time to decide and to have a thorough consult with the cabinet company that you choose. KBD of Iowa City has plenty of knowledgeable, experienced staff on hand waiting for your call. They can make sure your order comes out exactly as you envisioned it or can offer their experienced guidance if you are unsure of where to start. No matter what you choose, KBD of Iowa City is ready and waiting to help you with your new custom kitchen cabinets.
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