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It’s amazing how beautiful a bathroom can become with our experienced designers. A master bathroom suite is a huge selling point in a home. Whether you envision a luxurious bathroom you have always dreamed or you plan to market your home soon, you should give great consideration to the bathroom cabinets and the overall design. It is true that the cabinets and design really make or break a room and helps to recoup the value when you sell your home. Don’t drop the ball in your newly built or remodeled bathroom by skimping on the cabinetry! Choose us to partner with as we will give our great experience to enhance your experience! Using only the best bathroom cabinets in your space that complement the color scheme and overall design that you envision will ensure a great outcome. 


A warm colored bathroom can be a great choice for those looking to make their bathroom a comfortable and cozy space. Warm colors can take the stress of the day and help to wash it down the drain with your hot shower. If a warm color scheme is what you foresee your bathroom to be decorated in, opt for cabinets in deep, rich browns. You can also add some buttery yellow or gold cabinets that will help to accent this room perfectly. If both of these aren’t your style a warm, creamy off white offers a softer warm option for your new bathroom cabinets.

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The store is very clean and organized, well documented - the sales rep was very nice and friendly and honest. We will definitely be back, and we will be telling all of our friends and family about KBD of Iowa City. Highly, highly recommended! ”
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KBD of Iowa City had everything I could possibly want/need for our bathroom cabinets and counter tops. They had great selections and all members of the staff were very helpful. Barbara made sure that we were happy and answered any questions that came up.”
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Neutral color schemes are a great for those who are on the fence about whether or not to choose warm or cool-or for those who just enjoy the neutral pallet and the way it appeals to the eye. The colors that fall into this category offer an easy decorative option as well. If neutral is in your future, choose from a rich, blonde wood or a painted eggshell white to contribute to this not too warm, not too cool effect. If you want something that errs more on the side of brown, you can also take a peek at light, neutral browns for your bathroom cabinets. Gray tones that are warmer are another very hot look that works well with almost everything. 


Cool colored bathroom cabinets are a striking accent piece to the bathroom that is decorated in cool hues. Something that is great about the cool color scheme, however, is that you can also pull off a warm cabinet and take it from an accent piece to a featured item in the bathroom. If you are interested in simply sticking to cool colors for your bathroom cabinets you should plan on whites, greys, and complimentary shades of blue. This can be a tricky pallet to work with, so definitely consult with your cabinet showroom prior to purchasing your new bathroom cabinets to get the best look in your bathroom.

It’s been known for many years now that colors can induce a psychological response within the brain. Each person will enjoy these different color schemes in their own way, but in order to really get all of the benefits from your new bathroom and to tie everything together you want to pay very close attention to the hues of color that go into it. This is something that we can offer at KBD as every designer also carries an accredited Interior Design degree. We love to help for no additional charge! This is something we offer to our clients!  
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